Leaf-clear lawns

Quality Yard Cleanup Services In Austin, Leander, Round Rock, And Surrounding Areas In TX!

What is Included in Our Yard Clean-up Services?

We remove plant debris so your plants can take in plenty of nutrients and grow to their full potential. When we come to your property, we move fallen branches, twigs, and other tree and plant debris. We also take it with us to create new mulch and replenish nutrients in your soil for plant life throughout the landscape.

Southern Love cleans up your landscape for your convenience so you can keep up with your busy schedule.

Why Should You Choose Southern Love to Clean Up Your Lawn?

Southern Love is a team dedicated to keeping your landscape clutter-free and crisp. 

  • Professionalism is at the top of our priority list to give you the best experience with our team.
  • Communication is most important to maintain and achieve the goals of our clients.
  • Customer Service allows us to provide our clients with the work they seek. 
  • Trustworthiness gives us a chance to build strong professional bonds with each client. 
  • Integrity is the contract that keeps us within the timeframe we provide. 

How Does Yard Clean-up Improve Plant Growth?

Nutrient Increase

Grass trimmings, pine needles, pine cones, weeds, twigs, and more are all debris that covers your plants from the elements. Nutrients cannot reach the soil or the roots when there is too much coverage on the ground. Southern Love keeps the landscape in an evergrowing state so the plants won’t wither and die.

When debris is no longer in the way, you will begin to see the improvements when your plants stand taller and the colors are more vibrant. In addition, bees and hummingbirds will flitter more noticeably and be more present around your property.

Removes Clutter

Removing clutter makes breathing easier when you step outside into your lawn. Debris is a nutrient blocker and prevents plants from getting the food they need. Southern Love rejuvenates your lawn, and your quality of life is improved.

All it takes is more attention to detail and care for the plant life around your property. Unfortunately, debris is an invitation for pests and weeds to take over and reduces the garden’s health. It can be difficult to clear your lawn on your own; southern Love is here to help and knock one more thing off your extensive to-do list.

Where Does the Debris Go?

We Take it Off Your Hands

We take the debris with us once we have moved it from your flowerbeds, lawn, and hardscapes. This keeps the debris from blowing all over your landscape in the wind again after removal. However, with a busy schedule, it can be difficult to clean your landscape from debris consistently.

We are here to do it for you, and you also help us with ingredients to create fresh mulch.

Debris Gets Turned into Nutrients

The absence of plant debris is replaced by nutrients being replenished and plant life growing thicker. The changes are a result; therefore, your plants thriving is increased, and so is the value of your property. Season changes are difficult enough, and Southern Love makes the transition easier and more welcoming.

Each time your lawn is removed from plant debris, it is given another chance at surviving another season chockful of harsh weather conditions.

Southern Love provides Austin, Leander, Round Rock, and other nearby communities in Texas with quality yard clean-up that enhances the health of your landscape.


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