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West Lake Hills, or Westlake as we call it around here, is a suburb of Austin located just west of there. Not to be confused with Westlake, Texas, the suburb of fort worth, West Lake Hills is situated in Travis County.

Though West Lake Hills has maintained its independence as an unincorporated city, the site of Austin is just a short trip away. There you can enjoy the food and culture, music, and museums that have made Austin a national destination and the metropolitan area one of the fastest growing in the United States. Need more proof that West Lake Hills is an amazing place to live? Just ask Matthew McConaughey. The Oscar-winning actor keeps a home here! Alright, alright, alright!

What Can Southern Love Do for Your West Lake Hills Home?

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Your landscaping says a lot about you. So what do you want it to say? Southern Love helps you to create and install the perfect landscaping features for your West Lake Hills yard. We understand all aspects of your yard, from your blades of grass to your towering trees & even your manufactured elements. So let’s build something that looks amazing and improves your outdoor experience!

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Yard Cleanups

A healthy landscape means a growing landscape, and an ever-increasing landscape means a shedding landscape. Your trees, flowers, and other plants are constantly shedding leaves, branches, and more as they grow. All that plant debris can get in the way of the continued health of your plants. So we clean up yards to make them look great and prevent that debris from blocking the water, sunlight, and nutrients from reaching your growing plants.

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Although when you talk about your landscape, you’re usually discussing what grows, often we spend the most time in the manufactured parts. Concrete, wood, and stone make up our outdoor living spaces, and everyone enjoys spending some time outside grilling or hosting a dinner party on the patio. We create unique hardscape surfaces to enhance your backyard and improve your outdoor entertaining.

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Outdoor Kitchen

While a grill is nothing to sneeze at, some home chefs like to take it up a notch. That may mean a pizza oven, smoker, or complete outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can have all the same amenities as your indoor ones, with running water, electricity, and more; you can equip yourself with a fridge, burners, or whatever your heart (and belly) desires.

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Shrub Trimming and Pruning

Your shrubs are some of the toughest plants in the yard. They often stay green even when the rest of your landscape doesn’t. But they need a little assistance to stay trim and healthy too. Trimming shapes your shrubs and stimulates growth. Pruning removes the unhealthy parts of your shrubs so that the plants can focus their energy where it counts.

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Driveways are where your home meets the road. As such, it’s the first place your guests set foot when entering your property. Since it’s the first thing they say, you want to make a good impression. No driveway lasts forever, so Southern Love is available when you need to replace yours.

Southern Love Landscape & Design provides quality landscaping, artificial turf installation, hardscaping, 3D design, mulch, concrete, flowers, and more to your West Lake Hills property. With our install it all approach, Southern Love is the perfect choice for knowledgeable landscapers who know how every aspect of your property works. Our experienced and skilled professionals always treat our clients and their properties with respect and integrity.

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