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What is Included in Our Sod Installation Service?

Sod installation is just one part of the large umbrella known as landscaping. Improving the health of the lawn and healing the bald spots will help your grass grow fuller and stronger. The root system of grass is essential for the longevity and nutrient intake of the lawn as a whole.

Southern Love is the team you can rely on to provide long-lasting grass, weed-free lawns, and healthier soil in your landscape. It is beneficial to have a healthy lawn for many reasons. You will see the changes throughout the entire landscape in no time.

Why Should You Choose Southern Love for Your Sod Installation?

Southern Love is an expert team that allows you to have the healthy lawn you deserve. 


  • Our team is about professionalism, and we ensure you are our top priority. 
  • Our work speaks for itself. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Customer service skills are essential when we are assigned new projects to ensure we get the desired results.
  • Trustworthy team you can rely on for all your landscaping needs. 
  • Integrity keeps us on our game and provides you with amazing landscaping services. 

How Does Fresh Sod Benefit Your Lawn?

Reduces Risk of Weeds

Weeds are nutrient thieves that can ruin a whole lawn if undetected and untreated. Sod helps push the seeds of these obnoxious plants further into the soil, making it harder for them to sprout. Weeds can pop up anywhere, and removing them can be difficult.

Nutrients will help the topsoil last longer for the plants you want to keep around. So don’t let the pesky intruders win for your inconvenience.

No More Bald Spots

Sod helps your landscape grow stronger as a whole system. The grass is pretty strong on its own, but if it needs help, there’s a good chance that the soil is the issue. You won’t have to see the soil when you look out on your lawn with the help of Southern Love.

Bald spots occur when not enough nutrients are given to your lawn. Watering the lawn regularly after sod is installed activates the roots to search for food and water, making the blades thicker and stronger. Erosion can occur when the soil is exposed to the elements, which ruins any chances of healthy growth for your lawn.

How Long Does Sod Take to Grow?

Stay Off the Lawn

Sod takes a couple of weeks to grow on the soil and starts to create its root system. Because of this process, it’s best to stay off the lawn while the sod is growing and becoming stronger. Grass can withstand a lot and still be able to bounce back, but that’s after it’s already been established.

Baby grass is fragile and easy to destroy if you’re not careful. Southern Love provides the sod with plenty of water and allows the sun to provide nutrients for sustainable growth.

It’ll Grow Stronger in No Time

If you give the sod a chance to grow on its own, your lawn will be stronger, greener, and more vibrant than before. Mowing will be made much easier, and the grass blades will grow thicker. When you team up with Southern Love for better sod installation, you won’t need to look across the fence for greener grass.

Southern Love offers quality sod installation and more in Austin, Leander, Round Rock, and surrounding communities in Texas.

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