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Quality Shrub Trimming Services In Austin, Leander, Round Rock, And Surrounding Areas In TX!

What is Included in Our Shrub Trimming Services?

Shrub trimming allows you to keep your lawn looking immaculate. Freshly cut shrubs make it easier for fresh mulch to be laid above the root systems. Southern Love is a team dedicated to providing each client with healthy shrubs.

We share out knowledge so you can take care of your shrubs, and we can keep them trimmed in tip-top shape. Your home will look essential with each cut we make.

Why Should You Choose Southern Love?

One of our top priorities is providing the best shrub trimming to each community, enhancing each garden, and making each client happy.

  • Our team is trustworthy and prepared to handle all your mulching and trimming needs.
  • Integrity keeps us on our game to provide you with well-rounded shrubs, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Quality shrub trimming, mulching, and more are what keep our reputation spot-on!
  • Professionalism is our team’s basis for creating strong and lasting relationships with each client.
  • Strong customer service skills allow us to communicate effectively and give you the desired results.

How Does Shrub Trimming Benefit Your Landscape?

Easier to Lay Mulch

When shrubs are trimmed up and prepared for better growth, it’s easier to get to the ground and replenish the nutrients in your garden. Trimming away the straggled twigs and weak branches keeps your shrubs lasting for years. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of mulch to be laid.

Shrubs benefit from mulch the same way your flowers do. The roots are better protected and provided with fresh nutrients making your shrub grow greener and more vibrant.

Healthier Shrubs Gives You Stronger Soil

When your shrubs are trimmed and reshaped, they grow stronger and use the nutrients in the soil more efficiently. This makes the soil replenish its nutrient intake and improves its quality. Southern Love ensures the whole landscape is a functional and efficient system for your plant life.

Think of shrub trimming as a haircut for your plants. They grow thicker, fuller, and stronger with each trim, and we can change the shape each time. As a result, you will have growing art after each visit!

How Often Should Trimming Happen?

Consistant Shrub Trimming is Essentail

Shrubs are rapid growers, but trimming them needs to be done strategically. Some species of shrubs bloom flowers; if they are trimmed before their blooming period, the buds will be cut off. Southern Love is the expert team with the skill and knowledge to trim each shrub effectively.

Keeping your shrubs in shape keeps your curb appeal up to par with the rest of the community. Help your trees filter air by giving your shrubs the attention they need.

Time of Year is Vital

Depending on what kind of shrubbery you have and what time of year it is, it is very important to take note of the season. Southern Love may be the expert at trimming them, but there’s only so much we can do if it’s the wrong time of year. Teaming up with our experts gives you the insight you never knew you’d need.

If you’re unsure of the care they need, Southern Love is just a phone call away to help you with all your inquiries and needs for your shrubs. You won’t have to guess your routine second because we can help set one up. So even with a busy schedule, we have your back!

Southern Love offers quality shrub trimming and more in the Austin, Leander, and Round Rock areas and their surrounding communities in Texas.

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