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Rollingwood is located in Travis County, Texas. This city still has a rural feel and a close-knit community. Being part of the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Area offers many life-enhancing opportunities.

Visiting the Zilker Bontanical Gardens recharges your creativity and allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature. Barton Creek Wilderness Park has plenty of trails to explore and natural pools to cool off the heat of the day. Lake Austin is another gorgeous area to picnic and relax in the sounds of nature.

What Services Does Southern Love Offer in Rollingwood?

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Landscaping is a huge umbrella that transforms your property into a more functional and eye-catching yard. Southern Love keeps your lawn clear of all plant debris, allowing nutrients to penetrate the plant life. In addition, we build all your landscape architecture safely so you don’t get hurt.

With the right amount of successful landscaping, you will notice fresher air with each breath. In addition, the song of nearby birds is a little louder and more pleasant to listen to each morning.

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Installing hardscapes gives your landscape places for you to sit and relax when you enjoy being in your landscape. Some hardscape features also provide a place to walk around, so your plant life doesn’t get trampled by foot traffic. Stone, brick, wood, and other sturdy materials create strong hardscape features that last.

Southern Love is experienced in installing all your hardscapes and allows you to sit back and relax. Each project we complete leaves you with a sturdy and functional landscape.

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Mulch is created from various plant debris and used to replenish nutrients and keep your root systems buried, and the topsoil is protected from erosion. The help of mulch keeps your landscape strong and functional. You won’t have to worry about plants drowning or drying out because mulch balances the elements.

Good quality mulch blocks weeds from entering your flowerbeds and taking over your plants.

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Landscape Design

Designs of landscape features allow you to see how it would look on your property. Southern Love offers you quality landscape designs that you can customize and change. Each design needs to be done expertly because we keep everything to an accurate scale.

When the designs are finished, we use them as blueprints when it’s time for the construction to begin.

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Sod Installation

Sod gives your lawn a second chance to grow stronger and fuller. Each yellow patch is covered and given the strength to repair and replenish the grass again. Sod provides your lawn with fresh root systems that grow and spread throughout the soil.

Southern Love urges you to let us lay the sod, so each patch is laid evenly and correctly. Your lawn will look like a solid area of grass cover. After just a few weeks, constant watering, and leaving the lawn alone, the yard will look brand new, and you won’t be able to remember the before look.

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Patios are large areas to create an outdoor area for your comfort when spending time in your garden. Placing a seating area on a patio saves your grass from being trampled and smushed into the dirt. Weight is not comforting in your yard, but it is perfect for a patio.

Southern Love offers quality landscaping, hardscaping, mulching, and more in Rollingwood and its surrounding communities in Texas. Our team has a trustworthy reputation that we continue to build. The quality of our work is unmatched and lasts for years to come.

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