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What Do We Include In Our Outdoor Living Space Services?

If you have a home, you probably have a backyard, but if you have an outdoor living space, you love your backyard. Outdoor living spaces are often a homeowner’s favorite spot in their home. Typically composed primarily of hardscaping, these backyard havens incorporate the personal elements that suit the personality and enhance the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Why Have Southern Love Install Your Hardscaping?

Your backyard should reflect your taste and values. It’s a personal space with personal touches, and you want to choose a trustworthy company of values of its own to install all of your hardscaping. Southern Love brings quality and care to all of our projects.

  • Quality – The quality of our work speaks for itself. All of our services and products are top-notch.
  • Customer Service – Quality is essential, but so is service. We bring so much Southern charm to our projects you’ll be trying to find excuses for us to come back!
  • Professionalism – Punctuality, politeness, and competence are all part of our professional package.
  • Knowledge – Southern Love performs nearly all aspects of landscaping and hardscaping. So you know that when we create your space, we keep the complete picture of your property in mind.
  • Local – This is our town. We know it, love it, and enjoy making it more beautiful with our work.

Why Add an Outdoor Living Space?

You’ll Get More Use From Your Yard

Building a space to suit you will mean you’ll want to spend more time outside enjoying it! Besides the reward of getting more use out of your yard, spending time outside has been proven to improve human health!
If you don’t use your yard, it’s just a burden for you to care for. So let your yard care for you!

You’ll Improve Your Property Value

Outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity, so when you’re ready to sell your home, it will definitely be a value point. In fact, did you know that adding an outdoor living space adds approximately the same amount of value to a home as adding a traditional room? Conversely, the cost of doing so is much lower.

What Can You Include in Your Space?

Fire & Water

Want to get in your element? Fire and water features are both great ways to incorporate natural elements into your hardscaping.

Water features can include fountains, birdbaths, or ponds. The sound of running water brings a sense of peace and can also mask traffic noise.
Fire pits are a great gathering spot within the yard. People love to gather around pits, and it extends the party’s life by providing warmth and light after the sun goes down. But, of course, there are other ways to bring the heat, which is a nice segue to our next section.

Features That Enhance Your Hobbies

Some of the most popular features to add to hardscaping involve cooking hobbies. Built-in grills and pizza ovens are a fun way to add variety to your food prep routine and make your food right in front of your outdoor party guests.
You can also add a complete outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can have all the modern amenities that indoor kitchens do, including running water and electricity. But, again, it’s all about giving you what you want.

If you want to improve your home’s quality and spend more time enjoying your yard, Southern Love Landscaping & Design installs quality outdoor Living Spaces, patios, & other hardscaping in Leander, Cedar Park & Austin.

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