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What is included in our Mulching services?

Mulch is such an ever-present part of your landscaping that it can be easy to take for granted. A well-maintained landscape will have a couple of inches of mulch around every tree, shrub, or flower bed.

Mulching not only makes your landscaping pop but also serves several practical purposes. What variety of mulch you use will largely depend on your primary goal for using it and the aesthetic of your particular home.

Why Call Southern Love Landscape & Design for Your Mulch Needs?

As well-trained craftsmen, we bring our exacting standards of quality and service to every landscaping challenge we face. Choosing Southern Love for your mulching needs will bring a quality product and the values we bring to every home.

  • Quality comes first. All of our products and services must meet our exacting standards.
  • We bring professionalism with us. Our work will always be performed well and on time.
  • Sometimes it feels like customer service is a lost art. Southern Love knows that relationships with our customers matter as much as quality.
  • Our services are numerous and varied. Because we do it all, we also understand it all.
  • We provide free estimates, so you always know what’s happening before it happens.

Why Bother Mulching?

Mulching Brings Beauty

Your landscape is constantly changing. Annuals only live a short while, and perennials go through stages of blooming and dormancy. So chances are there will be a time of year when there’s not a lot of vibrant color from your plants. Mulch helps to balance that.

In addition, mulch brings out the beauty of your flower beds, shrubs, and trees by contrasting color and texture. Bright flowers against a dark bed of mulch stun!

Mulch Keeps Your Plants Healthy

The benefits of mulching go beyond aesthetics. Mulch provides many values to the plants they surround that keep them healthy and growing.

Firstly, mulching creates a weed barrier that prevents weeds or even your lawn from encroaching on your garden. Secondly, mulch provides an excellent insulator from temperature swings in either direction. Finally, mulch also retains moisture so that in the warmer or dryer months, water doesn’t evaporate before the plants can use it.

Finally, as the organic mulch breaks down, it feeds and fertilizes the surrounding plants.

What Is the Best Material for Mulch in Your Garden?

Organic Mulches

There are two basic categories of mulch – inorganic and organic mulch. Organic mulch is any mulch that is created from plants. The main benefit of organic mulch is that it eventually breaks down, making fertilizer for your plants.

Organic mulches are composed of anything from shredded tree bark to shells and leaves. Traditionally, mulch was made from whatever was local to the area, so the southeast might have used pecan shells while the midwest may have used corn cobs. Today, we tend to value mulch more for its beauty than its convenience.

Manufactured or Inorganic Mulch

Inorganic mulch is manufactured specifically for use in various outdoor environments. Often made from recycled materials like plastic, glass, or tires, different mulches may be used in different places.

You likely have seen rubber mulch used in playgrounds. Meanwhile, some property owners favor glass or plastic beads for their aesthetic value and heartiness, especially in commercial settings.

If your landscape needs that extra boost that mulching provides or other landscaping services, Southern Love Landscape & Design provides quality landscaping, & hardscaping services in Cedar Park, Leander & Round Rock.

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