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The city of Lakeway is a pleasant community that is a peaceful place to reside in. Just west of Austin, tucked in Travis County, Lakeway is a gorgeous city where you can experience core memory opportunities.

Enjoy the marina and other nature parks when you want a day to get out of the house. Many trails provide you with the chance to reconnect with nature and recharge. Less than 30 minutes away, you can explore Austin Zoo and learn something new about the animals that live there.

What Services Does Southern Love Provide Lakeway, Texas?

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Landscaping improves your property and enhances the value of your home. When you transform your boring lawn, color, life, and more are added to your yard. Birds will sing louder, grass will grow greener, and even the sky will look bluer.

Southern Love provides your property with the makeover it desperately needs. Add a few trees and a sitting area – boom, your landscape is more inviting. Installing features is the equivalent of putting more pieces of the puzzle together.

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Walkways provide a place to walk so you don’t trample your grass. You can explore your entire landscape without watching your step again. Hardscapes make it possible for you to enjoy your yard comfortably and confidently.

Features like fire pits allow you to host a s’mores party or just a warm place to sit and talk. With our help, you will become the hangout spot for all your loved ones.

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Mulch offers your plants the chance to replenish the nutrients they desperately need. When it rains, more water is stored for the roots. When the mulch begins to break down, new topsoil is introduced, making your soil richer.

It’s our job to make your landscape and plant life grow better. With the help of mulch, we can keep your plants healthy and happy throughout the seasons.

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Landscape Design

There are steps to creating a landscape. Designing where you want your flowers, fire pits, irrigation, and more allows you to see how everything will fit. It is also easier to make digital changes than in the middle of construction. Southern Love provides amazing designs that excite you about breaking ground!

Let us digitally design your plans so you can have a physical copy of what to expect from our team. Plus, it helps us have a blueprint to follow.

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Flowerbeds are the masterpieces of your landscape. When you keep them maintained, they give you a colorful array of beauty. So don’t let your busy schedule keep you from giving your plants the attention they need.

Southern Love takes excellent care of your flowers and maintains the beds so they can be used repeatedly. With our help, the fertility of your plants will boost, and your root system will strengthen. 63c6ea73b4489 - Southern Love


Irrigation is a system that controls the amount of water your plants get. As a result, Overwatering is reduced, and so is the risk of flooding. Our experts provide the best irrigation system for the best watering experience.

Most irrigation systems can be set up to a timer, which saves you time. In addition, irrigation systems will save you from common mistakes, such as overwatering.

Southern Love provides quality landscaping, hardscaping, and mulching in Lakeway, Texas, and its surrounding communities. Our attention to detail is the key to the work we provide each client. You won’t be disappointed with the results and will want us to keep coming back.

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