Drip irrigation on North Austin Lawn.

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What is included in our Irrigation services?

All of your plants need water, so when you are landscaping, especially adding new plant installations, adding a way to water efficiently water them is a no-brainer. Irrigating your landscape saves you water and money and ensures that your plants are always getting the amount of water they need when it’s most valuable to them. Southern Love Landscape & Design installs new systems and makes repairs to your sprinklers and drip irrigation systems as needed.

Why Use Southern Love for Your Irrigation Needs?

Working with a landscaper or any company, you want to ensure that the people you invite into your home are trustworthy and can care about your best interests. Southern Loves values our customers and brings all of our values to our work with them.

  • Understanding – Installation skills are essential, but when installing an irrigation system, you also want a company with knowledge and skills in landscaping so the work is done right.
  • Customer Service – Southern Love treats our customers well. We want you to love working with us and come back now, ya hear?
  • Professionalism – We do what we say and do it on time.
  • Local – We’re a small family business. We grew up in the area and still know it well.
  • Quality – The materials we use and our work are of the same high quality we’d use on our own property.

Why Add an Irrigation System?

 Right Amount, Right Time

When you irrigate your landscape, you will confidently know that it always gets the right amount of water at the right time. With built-in sensors or timers, we can program your sprinklers or drip system to operate without your direct influence.

Automatic watering means you never forget. It also means that you don’t even have to be present, so the next time you take a vacation or day trip, that’s one less thing for the house sitter to remember.

Variety Means We Can Find the Best One for You

While we tend to think about sprinklers when talking about irrigating, there’s another popular system that might be perfect for you – drip irrigation that waters plants at their roots.

With a drip system, there are no large sprays over the whole yard, and they can easily be installed when doing other landscape installations. Sprinklers still have their place, though, especially over large flat areas without a significant slope.

How Does Irrigating Save Green?

More Eco-Conscious Than You’d Think

Did you know that irrigating your yard saves water? It’s true! Many people believe sprinklers waste water, but while that can be true if not done mindfully, in reality, using a sprinkler or drip system typically uses less water than watering manually.

That’s because people tend to over or underdo it without an easy way to measure water use. Besides saving water, irrigating also prevents you from having to replace plants as often because they’re more likely to survive when they’re consistently watered correctly instead of dried or drowned.

Green In Your Pocket

Adding a sprinkler or drip system also saves you money. The logic is similar to why it saves the other kind of green.

Less water means a lower water bill! And healthy plants mean spending less on plant replacements and upkeep.

Got a beautiful yard but want to just add water? Contact Southern Love Landscaping & Design for all of your high-quality irrigation & other landscaping services in North Austin, Leander & Round Rock.

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