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What is included in our hardscaping services?

Hardscaping is a broad term for any inorganic materials used to enhance your property and add functionality it may have been missing before. It starts within the design, putting together a look that fits what you want that flows well with the greenery you’d like. Some very common forms of hardscaping you’ll see are: firepits, retaining walls, pavers, outdoor living spaces, walkways, patios, and many more. We work hard to bring your vision to life in an efficient, crisp way that will last a long time! 

Why should I choose Southern Love to create my hardscaped spaces?

Our company is built on high standards, and we work as hard as possible to make your lawn what you want it to be:

    • We have a passion for our work that comes from the desire to improve our hometown by making it more beautiful. 
    • Quality is a term we don’t take lightly, and we believe that our work is only satisfactory if our customers are left happy. 
    • We provide each customer with an array of services year-round, so we’ll always be accessible to you and your lawn needs. 
    • You’ll find that our integrity and professionalism are unparalleled – you’ll have a good experience with every job we do. 
    • If you’re curious about our services, we can provide you with a free estimate to discover your lawn needs. 

How can this service benefit my porperty?

Adds space for guests when entertaining

If you often entertain large groups or only every so often for immediate family, we know you want them to be comfortable and have space to enjoy the festivities.
Adding quality hardscaping to your landscape will spark conversation and offer them extra seating and stable areas to relax while the event is going on!

Provides efficiency and safety for you and others

If your lawn flows efficiently, you’ll be able to spend more time on it without feeling overwhelmed or crowded. Pathways, patios, and retaining walls are wonderful to keep things smooth when people are outside.
Additionally, pathways, patios, and steps will increase safety on your landscape so you can walk freely without the fear of tripping, sliding, or stumbling while making your way across it.

What are some facts about hardscaping I should know?

 Materials can change the whole aesthetic

You can drastically change how an entire landscape looks by picking the right materials to mix together. Many homeowners choose to stick with certain materials for a symmetrical look that appears more organized.
However, if you want to add dimension and a contemporary look to your lawn, you can mix those materials up! Wooden decks leading into stone retaining walls, paver patios with a brick fire pit – anything works!

Most hardscapers advise there to be a focal point

We encourage you to find your style and do what works best for your landscape. However, there can be too much of a good thing or having your landscape be too “busy.”
Most hardscapers encourage you to have a focal point that draws positive attention and helps those gazing at your lawn to have something to focus on. Hardscaping is like art, so holding someone’s attention is essential.

We want you to love your lawn, to enjoy the space you have – and we work very hard to achieve that goal. Our lawn and landscape team looks forward to providing you with quality hardscaping services in Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, and surrounding areas in TX.

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