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Quality Fire Pits In Austin, Leander, Round Rock, And Surrounding Areas In TX!

What is included in our fire pit services?

When you’re looking for a way to extend your living space and keep your property inviting, a new fire pit is great! You can utilize brick, stone, concrete, or a nice mix of materials to make a beautiful space where everyone can gather and have a good time. We take the time to help you plan where the fire pit should go, what type of seating area you’d like around it, and discuss the amount of time it will take. Once the prep work is done, we’re ready to create your new masterpiece!

Why should I choose Southern Love to install a new fire pit?

You won’t find mediocre work with our company – we hold ourselves accountable for continuing with high standards for our work:

  • If your lawn needs work throughout the year, we’ve got you covered – we offer our services all year.
  • If you’re interested in our services, you will receive an accurate estimate at no charge.
  • We have a strong passion for our work and a drive always to do our best for every customer.
  • Your landscape will be given our best work, with high-quality services that will blow you away.
  • Honesty, integrity, and professionalism are the core pillars on which our company stands and will continue to stand.

How can this service benefit my hardscaped spaces?

You can enjoy your outdoor space at night and in cooler weather

You never know how much potential your landscape has until you start projects to improve it. Adding a new fire pit to your landscape will immensely increase its usability.
With a fire pit and proper seating area, you’ll be able to use your lawn into the night after the sun goes down and at the times of the year when the temperatures get a little more chilly!

The resale value of your home will rise tremendously

If you want to eventually sell your home to move on to bigger, better things, upgrading your outdoor space will automatically increase your chances of making a great sale. Potential future buyers are going to be more attracted to homes that have amenities than ones that don’t. Additionally, you’re more likely to make more money on the sale when you have these existing amenities!

What are some facts about this service I should know?

The materials you choose for the fire pit and seating area matter

Materials make a huge difference when adding a new feature to your landscape. Hardscaping is all about planning, looks, and efficiency; different materials will help accomplish different goals. Wood, brick, stone, pavers, or concrete will completely change how your fire pit looks. In addition, different materials are better equipped to stand up to the intense heat that comes from the fire, such as brick and stone.

Safety is always the number one concern

Fire pits are wonderful, they add flair to your lawn, and they can make family time even better. However, fire is still involved, and if you’re not careful, someone can get hurt. When installing fire pits, we ensure homeowners are educated about the dangers and how to care for them properly. With this knowledge, you can keep them in good shape and your guests safe! You’ll be blown away by our beautiful, quality patio services in Austin, Leander, Round Rock, and the surrounding cities and neighborhoods in Texas. We provide services for everybody – if you have landscape needs, we can help get them taken care of!

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